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Chapter 6 – Option 1 (Reflection)

02/24/2019 3:20 PM | Anonymous

As you read through the extended vignette for the Three Reads routine, what do you notice or find thought-provoking?


  • 03/11/2019 2:35 PM | Anonymous
    The vignette for Three Reads takes place in Mr. Estefan’s 5th grade class. I noticed that there is lots of visual/verbal/physical support for understanding the problem of the trolls and the apples. There is also a great deal of repetition of information, but in a good way. It seems that this routine really focuses students on the problem context, question, and important information, and the supports and repetition make that successful.

    I liked how on the 1st read sharing, Mr. Estefan separates the students’ ideas into “context” and “math” since that is an important distinction. The teacher validates everyone’s contributions.

    I also realized that this routine works because the problem is detailed, language-rich and has some meaty math involved in it. For a simpler problem, it may not be worth it to spend this much class time together going through it, HOWEVER, students who read 3 times for context/question/information will be better able to tackle any problem.
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